UC_008 The Two Party Scam


The Two Party System is a scam. In the US, the UK and Australia citizens have a binary choice; team red or team blue. Parties prefer to argue with each other along ideological lines rather than create the best policy outcomes for the nation. It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s nothing in any of our constitutions that say government has to be formed by a party. It is legal, and possible, to have a who parliament of independents. Imagine that – politics without parties.

Voting independent doesn’t mean your vote is wasted. Independents force major reform and hold the government to account. So when it comes time to vote you’re not limited to the lesser of two shitty options.

Australians, use the power of the preferential voting system to your advantage. The major parties have been doing it for years, now it’s our turn. Put a number in every box on the House of Reps paper and do the same for the Upper House below the line.

Then get yourself a democracy sausage… You’ve earned it.


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  1. Fantastic video guys.!

    My post about about only voting Independence you might like

    “The fact that we have opposing parties is the biggest problem with our political system, because what they do is more about which dirty trick a party can pull off to get into government and not about good government of the country. Political parties should all be banned and all of parliament should only be allowed to be made up of independents. Then there is no longer an opposition to disrupt good government.”

    The major down side about a proposal to move to only vote for other parties other than the big three three or independents, is that it may not necessarily give us better stable government and it may likely make it even worse than it is now.

    The fact is that there are a lot of very good candidates in all three of those major parties and who genuinely do have a deep commitment for the better good of our country, so this proposal to not vote any of the three major parties effectively removes some of the most important people we really need on board to get Australia back on track to be an “Australia” for the Australian people and not just an Australia for those cashed up foreigners and multinational conglomerates and mining and media corporations.

    The issue that these good candidates face and from having to tow the line within the big three parties effectively reduces their ability to really make a difference and to follow their true beliefs of policies they originally set out to promote for the betterment of the nation. Their policies can and often do easily get swept aside if to do so makes the party look more popular to get the votes it needs to get into government, which is what we see all to often now days in Australian politics.

    Bottom line is we really do need these people because it is often these people who are the drive in their own electorates that those electorates believe in and why they get voted in to begin with. It’s the sad fact that once these candidates are within the parties crypt of power, they lose their individual voice and power to be really effective.
    We need to find ways in which to “liberate” these very people from the party system of oppression so that can become the effective instigators of good policies they originally intended.
    So what are the solutions and what can we do to change the current political model and a change that would effectively removes our political system from being vulnerable and so susceptible to sabotage and piracy by these resource conglomerates and Media empires that possess the powers to bring down the peoples elected government time and time again?
    I would be in favour to implementing a ban and possible making it illegal of any formation of a political party and in conjunction to set out a number of platform models where by current members who hold a seats to become independents and secede from the these major parties.

    A government made up of only independents would change the whole landscape of government and make it much more effective to really run the country and run it well with policies for the benefit of the very people who voted for them. This is true democracy!

    It would also then make it much more difficult to have our governments ousted by divisive media barrages of personal victimization campaigns to bring down a given party in government and that is constantly keep our governments in turmoil with no clear direction. We would get out of the seemingly never ending cycle of change of governments we have every few years that is detrimentally disrupting the good direction of our country.

    “It’s fascinating to me we accept that collusion by companies is illegal, yet not so with politics?” ~jc