REFERENCES: Your Power Bill is Not Real

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There is a whole cache of data we used to fact check our research on the power industry and we took as much as we could back to first principles. If you’re interested in digging a little deeper into the issues yourself here is a PDF of the references and source material we used.

TheUCNews E01 YPINR – References

The most important one was an article written by Jess Hill in The Monthly, called Power Corrupts: How network companies lined their pockets and drove electricity prices through the roof. This was our first indication that something was deeply wrong in the electricity industry.

Some exceptional reporting by Fairfax journalist Michael West also played a huge role, as did the research by NSW Mid North Coast farmer turned energy crusader Bruce Robertson, because he could smell a rat. Bruce is a former investment analyst who’s job it was to scrutinise demand forecasts for a living. His description of a meeting with the power company Transgrid, where they told him he was too stupid to understand their demand forecasts is chilling.

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