01 The Dark Art of Political Polling


Everyone’s had polling results shoved down their throats at some point, but how much stock should we really place in them? Do they just reflect what’s shamefully hidden deep in our political souls or do they actually shape how and why we vote? We discuss how they’re collected, how the data is ‘massaged’ to get published results and how the media interprets them. We also chat about how we, the general public, should treat them. In the lead up to federal elections in Australia and the US we go behind the scenes to see how the sausage is made. It’s all about the sausage.

For the data nerds in the audience here is the Australian Financial Review’s Poll of Polls that we refer to in the episode.  Thanks to Edmund Tadros from the AFR and polling heavyweights Murray Goot and John Stirton for appearing in the show.



This audio was produced in collaboration with ABC’s First Run podcast development unit. It is made available with permission of ABC Radio.  


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