02.2 Two Party Scam – Ricky Muir Full Interview


Victorian Senator Ricky Muir sat down with Dan and Jen for a chat about his time in Parliament, what it means to hold the government to account, and how independent and minor party voices are being stamped out of politics in Australia.

It’s easy to label micro parties as single issue parties, but we found Ricky to be well informed and educated across a range of policy platforms unrelated to motoring.

This audio comes from a documentary style interview we filmed for The Undercurrent headline episode UC_008 – The Two Party Scam.

‘I thought this was a system designed to keep the average Joe’s views and opinions out. I really honestly felt like Parliament was just a tool of an elite few. No ordinary person is ever going to have an opportunity to get involved in that.’

‘I’m given the ability to vote on my conscience… So something that so many people would wish their representatives to do, which is to vote on their conscience, I can. And I do.’


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