02.2 Two Party Scam – Flux Full Interview


Flux co-founder and Senate Candidate Nathan Spataro had a chat with Dan and Jen about a new model of democracy. Flux members download an app for their smartphone and vote on legislation as it comes before parliament. Flux senators take the thousands of member votes and translate that into their one senate vote. Senators have pledged to renounce their autonomy and vote the way their party members want them to.

Flux isn’t the only online democracy platform – Online Direct Democracy is also in the race this election.

This audio comes from a documentary style interview we filmed for The Undercurrent headline episode UC_008 – The Two Party Scam.

‘We as a movement don’t believe the political paradigm we exist in now is particularly satisfactory for the 21st century.  We don’t think it inspires people to want to be involved in politics.  We really think that we need something new to actually get people excited and make great decisions for their country.’


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  1. I really think this is such a terrible idea. Decisions on policies needs to be done by people who fully understand the complexities of those policies, not by a public who may often be ill informed and who will likely vote from the heart rather then from the head. If we go in this direction suggested by the flux party where people can vote using an app, the majority will often vote by emotion rather than from a well informed understanding of whats is involved. We already have to much of this now with the current political party system and its already chaos. We employ professionals to do professional jobs for us because they know what they are doing and understand whats needed. This should also apply to good government and we should also be able expect and to trust out elected candidates to also make those decisions on our behalf. The the point of voting for them to begin with where they do have the time it take to fully understand what is the best decision relative to any given policy. The recent referendum for Briton to leave the EU is a prim example where a most critical decision for the country and that has a huge impact on its economy and fiscal policy was left up to the public who on the whole voted mostly out of patriotic emotion and fear rather then from any well informed intelligent understanding of the complexity of what this is going to impact onto their countries economy. It is simply so stupid to even put such a decision to the public vote. So is this idea by the Flux party

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