Followup to our latest episode UC_008 The Two Party Scam. Recorded on our long drive back from interviewing Rob Oakeshott (apologies for the road noise in the background).

Rick Muir, seated, looking to camera, photographed in a motorbike warehouse

Victorian Senator Ricky Muir sat down with Dan and Jen for a chat about his time in Parliament, what it means to hold the government to account, and how independent and minor party voices are being stamped out of politics in Australia.


Everyone’s had polling results shoved down their throats at some point, but how much stock should we really place in them? We discuss how they’re collected, how the data is ‘massaged’ to get the results and how to interpret them. In the lead up to federal elections both here and in the US we go behind the scenes and see how the sausage is made. We may or may not have sausage regret.