Monsanto Links with US Congress


Not really much to say on this one, except check out this brilliant graphic (source) that shows the links between Monsanto and US Congress.

Diagram showing the names of people down the middle and their position with Monsanto on the left, their position with US Congress on the right.  There are 35 people listed.

Links between Monsanto and US Congress


Here’s one example:

When Monsanto got approval for use of its artificial bovine growth hormone in milk, the person in charge of preparing the report at Monsanto was Margaret Miller. Later, the person in charge of receiving the report and evaluating it was… wait for it… Margaret Miller!  By then Deputy Director of Human Safety and Consultative Services in the office overseeing the process.


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  2. Madeleine, it’s interesting as I’m finding a similar pattern with chief arbitrators who handle all the Investor State Settlement Disputes (ISDS) the dispute resolution process in the TPP and TTIP.

    They are arbitrators one minute, lawyers for the claimants the next, academics writing policy on trade issues, lobbyists for the US Trade Representative and expert witnesses for other arbitration’s.

    It’s head scratching, isn’t it?

  3. Madeleine Love on

    Monsanto has a revolving door in Australia too.

    Originally From the Monsanto Australia website: (he’s moved on)

    Name: Michael Leader

    Title: Regulatory Affairs Lead

    Lead the regulatory and stewardship function for Monsanto in Australia
    Obtain and maintain product approvals, meeting compliance and stewardship obligations

    Work History
     Healthcare Director – EuropaBio (European Association for Bioindustries)
     Director of International Regulatory Policy for Ag Biotech – CropLife International
     Assistant Director, Trans-Tasman Therapeutic Goods Authority Branch
     Departmental Liaison Officer – Office of the Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister for Health and Aging
    [NB: The “Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister for Health and Aging” is the Minister responsible for FSANZ. So Michael Leader was the Departmental Liaison Officer, presumably between the Minister and FSANZ.]
     Assistant Director and A/g Director, Legal & Policy Branch – Office of the Gene Technology Regulator [NB: Note the OGTR – the information below says he was developing the Gene Tech legislation.]

    This was from an employment profile on one of the ‘professionals’ pages. I think I’d googled “Michael Leader Monsanto”.
    Michael Leader
    European Seed Association/EuropeBio, Monsanto, Melbourne, Australia
    Mr Michael Leader is the Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Lead for Monsanto Australia.
    In this capacity, he is responsible for the company’s public, government and industry outreach activities, as well as for obtaining regulatory approvals and ensuring regulatory compliance for Monsanto products being imported into, or used in Australia. Mr Leader has been in the position for 9 months,
    prior to which he spent 6 years working in Brussels, Belgium with the international biotech industry trade associations CropLife International and EuropaBio.
    In this capacity, he was heavily involved in international negotiations involving the issue of coexistence.
    Mr Leader was also part of the public service team that developed Australia’s Gene Technology Act. He holds both a law and a science degree from the Australian National University.