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Here at The Undercurrent we’ve been called everything from billionaire propaganda puppets to left wing hippies.  If only!  I hear those hippies have some sweet cash reserves we could be tapping into.  But we must be doing something right, given we’re irritating both sides of the political divide.

But that’s the point; we don’t want to argue down party lines.  We want to talk about issues in all their complex, nuanced, frustrating detail.  It takes about 200 hours to research, fact check, write, produce, film, edit and animate each episode.  Time our accountant has suggested would be better spent paying off our mortgages.

Some very kind individuals, who believe in what we’re doing, have donated to us and we are spectacularly grateful.  Unfortunately these donations aren’t enough to keep our blood sufficiently caffeinated, let alone cover our production costs.

If you like what we’re doing there are heaps of ways you can support us:


If you’ve got some unproductive cash laying around you were just going to waste on, say, a one person mini submarine why not throw it our way instead?  How much fun can you have in a tiny enclosed space underwater anyway?  Okay heaps.  But how much more fun will you have seeing us Photoshop politician’s faces onto goats?  Press the big yellow PayPal Donate button if you’re so inclined and we will be eternally grateful.


We always need help at all stages of production so if you’d like to see how the sausage is made then volunteer to help us out

  • On set with sound, lighting, camera, running, etc
  • In post with animation, film and photo editing.  We have heaps of material like BTS, bloopers, interviews, smaller content snippets and other ideas we just don’t get time to produce and release. Which is a shame, because Dan’s outtakes are spectacular. There was this one time, with a shoe…


We really do lock our researcher away until she’s uncovered all the facts.  Mostly because if we let her out before she knew all of them she may loose hope in humanity and find her way to the nearest clock tower.

Also, she’s writing this paragraph… Awkward.

Head over to the Research Forum where you’ll see the latest topics we’re working on.  If you see something interesting dive in, start discussing and help us dig up resources.


We’re always looking for ways we can improve the accessibility of The Undercurrent. So if you have experience in any relevant areas (pretty) please get in touch. Right now we’re really keen to speak with audio describers.

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You can stalk us by subscribing to the YouTube channel, liking us on Facebook, or following us on Twitter.


You can always send dried/smoked meat (for Dan) or dark chocolate (for Jen) to help sustain as at 2am on a Tuesday morning when we’ve forgotten what it feels like to sleep lying down.