Duopolies – any we’ve missed?

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  • Jen Dainer
    Jen Dainer on #237

    Logos that represent some of the major duopolies in Australia. For example Labor or Liberal, Qantas or Virgin, Coles or Woolworths, Telstra or Optus, Myer or David Jones

    We seem to live in a world of duopolies, which seems crazy given the breadth and depth of human experience on this amazing planet.  Here are some of the duopolies that exist in Australia.

    Liberal or Labor  |  Qantas or Virgin  |  Fairfax or Newscorp  |  Optus or Telstra  |  My Kitchen Rules or Masterchef  |  Neighbours Home or Away  |  Sunrise or Today  |  The Block or House Rules  |  Mac or PC  |  Pepsi or Coke  |  Heston or Jamie  |  Target or Big W  |  Liquorland or BWS  |  Myer or David Jones  |  First Choice or Dan Murphy’s  |  Bunnings or Masters  |  Coles or Woolworths.

    Did you know that those last 6 duopolies are owned by just two companies – Wesfarmers and Woolworths Limited?  Find out more in our ‘Brief Word About Duopolies‘ piece.

    Know of any other duopolies we’ve left out? Do you work for any of these companies? Or have insider knowledge into how they flex their muscles?

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