Dan Graetz

Dan Graetz - Host of The Undercurrent

Dan Graetz is a Brisbane-based filmmaker who owns the boutique production studio Graetzmedia.  He’s created award winning music videos and documentaries as well ads for global brands.  He loves all things technical and revolutionary, more than once inventing new ways to use equipment and software even the manufacturers didn’t know was possible.  He does this to bring life the cacophony of ideas that are constantly circulating in his brain.

At his heart though, he’s a storyteller.  A voracious consumer of news and current affairs, Dan’s always thought about producing a show like The Undercurrent, which complex issues and presents them to intelligent people in a way that entertains and informs.  Often he’ll latch onto an issue and not let it go until he’s figured out the best way to communicate it through his writing, humour, filming, post production and animation capabilities. All the work he’s done to date through Graetzmedia has given him the perfect skill set he needs to make The Undercurrent a success now.  Teaming up with Jen has allowed him to transform The Undercurrent from an idea floating around in his mind into reality.

If you ever find yourself in a conversation with Dan you can expect it to be intelligent, informed, self depreciating, peppered with fart jokes and character impressions.