About Us


That’s a really good question. We’ve got some great therapists working on that.  But in the meantime it’s enough to know that The Undercurrent is the brainchild of Dan Graetz and Jen Dainer.

Portrait of Jen Dainer & Dan Graetz


Mainstream media is obsessed with carving complex issues along party lines and serving them up as five second sound bites.  This complete farce bores people and leaves them uniformed and disengaged with current affairs.

The Undercurrent is a news and political satire show combining quality research, investigative journalism and exceptional production values.  We present complex nuanced issues in a way that entertains and informs. This empowers our audience to make informed decisions and get involved in issues that affect them.

The Undercurrent is the show we wish existed, so we created it ourselves.


We often hear how short our attention spans are. But a quick survey of your torrent cue probably reveals a 22 episode binge on the latest TV series (yep, we love that Kevin Spacey speech, too).

Any time the phrase ‘short attention span’ is used and is not immediately followed by a kitten gif we strongly advise suspicion. Mostly because people mistake a short attention span for a short interesting span, or crappy content. The really good content keeps you hooked till the very end and leaves you wanting more.

We’re not convinced by the ‘technology is making us stupid’ argument, either. We rely on technology like huge data sets and camera robots to create The Undercurrent.  Technology allows us to produce a show like nothing you’ve ever seen before. 

So stay tuned while we disrupt your news feed with content that’s relevant, well researched, clearly written, bi-partisan, looks beautiful and makes you want to get involved.